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Kut-Rite Concrete Grinders and Polishers

Kut-Rite concrete floor grinders and polishers are the most diverse surface preparation machines on the market today. Our Equipment and processes are designed to transform ordinary concrete into attractive, finished floors for both commercial and residential settings! We work together with architects, builders, contractors and facility managers to develop and execute successful plans for all of your flooring needs.

Surface Preparation Equipment

  • EdgeKutterEDGEKutter™ - Edge Grinder and Polisher

    The EDGEKutter™ is a tool specifically developed for precision grinding and polishing of concrete, stone and wood surfaces.

  • Handheld Concrete GrindersHandheld Grinders and Polishers

    The KR7 Handheld Grinder and variable speed polisher provide an economical solution to edging detail. Utilize the KR7 handheld grinder to clean concrete, remove coatings, mastics, urethanes, epoxies and paint.

  • Conquer25 Concrete GrinderConquer20 Grinder

    The Conquer20 concrete grinder is equipped with a sturdy, well balanced chassis and a powerful 5HP cast iron motor that provides the floor flattening capabilities of larger machines, while allowing the manueverability of a smaller foor print.

  • Conquer25 Concrete GrinderConquer25 Grinder

    With nearly 500lbs of muscle, this unit possesses a dual phase 7.5hp motor and a 25" grinding path. The Conquer25 is more than just a machine, it's a system.

  • Conquer25 Propane Concrete GrinderConquer25 LP Grinder

    Kut-Rite has partnered with Onyx Environmental Solutions to produce the most versatile propane operated grinder/polisher available in the industry.

  • Conquer30 Concrete GrinderConquer30 Grinder

    The Conquer30 features a “low profile edge” that can easily reach underneath shelving, cabinets, and other hard to reach places. This feature allows the large planetary machine to reach underneath shelving, cabinets etc… and allows for closer edging by reducing the height of the machine bowl at the edge.

  • Conquer TwinConquer Twin Grinder

    The Innovative Conquer Twin concept incorporates two passive planetary turntables with three abrasive drivers each. The turntables are positioned one behind the other (22" wide) or side by side (42" wide).

  • Parts and Accessories
  • Diamonds and AbrasivesDiamonds and Abrasives

    Included with Kut-Rite's product offerings are all the tools and expertise needed to remove old coatings, prepare concrete for new coatings and clean, mill and polish any bound aggregate surface.