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KR Rev

Revolution Pads
  • Features

  • Heavy duty pad with reduced surface area to increase point pressure
  • High production rate
  • High diamond content
  • Most economical per sq/ft cost
  • Very good for large area floors
  • Produce very high mechanical shine with very little resin transfer
  • Machine Compatibility

  • Terrazzo Grinders
  • Active Planetary
  • Passive Planetary
  • Rotary Floor Machines
Part Number Size Grits Style Backing
KRREV30050 3" 50 Hook and Loop
KRREV30100 3" 100 Hook and Loop
KRREV30200 3" 200 Hook and Loop
KRREV30400 3" 400 Hook and Loop
KRREV30800 3" 800 Hook and Loop
KRREV31500 3" 1500 Hook and Loop
KRREV33000 3 3000 Hook and Loop

Kut-Rite Polishing Diamonds