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The KR Rez-Met like the KR Rescue is a good tool for transitioning. It has a high diamond count with a more aggressive diamond surrounded by metal and then resin. The KR Rez-Met is a tool designed to run dry and give similar characteristics as well as results of the KR Rescue. This tool does very well under larger grinders for a more uniform scratch pattern. The diamond with the metal promotes a longer run life with aggressive scratching but not overly aggressive for scaring of the concrete. Very good at spot (random scratches missed) treating the floor after several passes on the floor with resins. Equal air channels for thermal discharge...

Part Number Size Grits Style Backing
KR030E31000030 3" 30 Hook and Loop
KR030E31000050 3" 50 Hook and Loop
KR030E310000100 3" 100 Hook and Loop

Kut-Rite Polishing Diamonds