Scarifier Features and Benefits

scarifier features

Kut-Rite Manufacturing offers precision-engineered features that elevate its line of scarifiers, drums and shafts to among the elite in the industry.

Our scarifiers feature a compact tab design that is laser cut. The precision engineering of the tab design prevents “off-line” bearing wear that is often seen in other machines on the market and increases the longevity of the unit. Laser-cut lifting handles make for easy loading and unloading.

The machines also offer zero-depth height adjustment. Kut-Rite’s scarifier drums are centrally located under the motor for better balance and less vibration in the unit.

A side-access drum assembly offers quick and easy cutter changes. A two-inch vacuum port enables the contractor to use the machine in a virtually dust-free environment. That port swivels in all but the KR6 model.

All of Kut-Rite scarifiers have emergency stop mechanisms, custom-made, heavy-duty, induction-hardened drive shafts, sealed bearings and toothed belts