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The Conquer Twin: Two heads are better than one

The largest member of the Conquer series, the groundbreaking 910-pound Conquer Twin, brings together in a single machine two planetary turntables with three abrasive drivers each. Stationed side by side, the Conquer Twin grinds out or polishes a 42-inch wide path. But rotated into inline position, it focuses on a 22-inch wide cut. Each turntable runs on a three-phase 5 horsepower motor.

The turntables counter-rotate and are synchronized with a gear system. The drivers and turntables on the Conquer Twin are capable of rotating clockwise or counter-clockwise and the machine incorporates three processing positions: Planetary, Rotary and Hybrid modes. The Conquer Twin brings together two different concepts into one unbelievable machine.

The Conquer Twin is ideally suited for jobs encompassing 10,000 or more square feet of work and/or “big box” opportunities.

Despite its large cutting path, the Conquer Twin still has the ability to cut a floor surface 1/8-inch from the wall for ideal edging. The grinding head is controlled by a linear actuator, which gives the operator an easy, safe way of raising the head for tool changes by lifting the head back with a “push-button” design. This limits the lifting load from the operator.

Like most Conquer models, it comes equipped with a standard three-gallon water tank. The machine is ideally compatible with the Kut-Rite KleanRite™ RF32T vacuum system.

Like the rest of the Conquer series, the Conquer Twin is fit with Kut-Rite’s Belt-Drive System and Quick Disconnect (QD) Tooling for ease of use. In addition, the Tilt-Back Bowl design head offers quick, safe and easy tool changes.

Featured accessories include Bi-directional, quick attach and magnetic PCD plates; magnetic eight-way scraper plates; scarifier plates for removal usage; different metal bond diamonds for grinding; and several different types of pads for concrete polishing. Kut-Rite also offers traditional bolt-style tooling.